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Getting started

browserONLY solutions:

Anytime – anywhere – with any (HTML5) device!
Due to the HTML5 technology, combined with the internet, the software can be used wherever internet is accessible – with mobile devices as well as with desktops and with any operating system.

The key to the cloud
pinRemote/pinRemoteX/pinBox are a RDP/HTML5 gateway for remote access to PCs, virtualized desktops or Windows applications. All common VDI-systems can be integrated via RDP protocol. Users can access resources like desktops and applications, preconfigured by the administrator, in a safe and quick way via internet.

Better than VPN!
pinRemote/pinRemoteX/pinBox are a real alternative to traditional VPN solutions. There is no need to install, configure and maintain a VPN-client. Using SSL is internet-standard and, contrary to VPNs, They allow the access to resources on the network only via RDP-connection.

Avoid Java on client
More and more browser manufacturers do not allow Java on the client anymore. With HTML5 technologie you avoid dependencies and you are prepared for the future.