Why pinRemote?

Why HTML5?

  • No Client setup: No apps, no MSI, no updates, no different software versions for different systems, no support issues
  • Available on ALL important systems
  • Standard: independant of manufacturer
  • Stable


Why a HTML5 Gateway?

  • No client software required with all disadvantege like setup, updates
  • No client configuration required
  • No VPN required, when accessing remotely
  • Central administration of connection parameters like Gateway IP or desktop IP
  • Mobile devices can be used as Thin Clients


Why exxWeb-it?

  • 3 solutions in one: desktop, applications and special features for office
  • Simple to install and configure
  • Best mobile support with mobile keyboard and mobile mouse
  • Scalability/Load balancing/Failover
  • Best alternative to MS RD Web Access
  • Best alternative to Citrix HTML5 receiver