New in pinRemote 4.0

New in 4.0:

  • Support for groups
  • Direct access via link
  • Gateway Push Modus
  • Optimized for high user load



New in 3.5:

  • Google Authenticator support
  • RADIUS support
  • Wake On LAN
  • Configuration via Active Directory


New in 3.1:

  • New designed portal with many extensions
  • Smartcard support
  • Multiple configurable desktop connections
  • Fully overworked logic for providing applications
  • Inheritance of settings
  • and much else


New in 2.5:

  • Now with integrated Remote Support
  • Many extensions in Portal and in Admin Tool


New in 2.2:

  • Perfect cooperation with Active Directory. Support for AD users and local users and combinable settings
  • Integrated 2-factor-authentication with One Time Password by email or text messages


New in 2.1:

  • The new exxWeb-it portal application allows easy configuration of users and access rights to desktops and applications
  • The new mobile Windows keyboard has especially been developed for mobile device to provide a full blown Windows keyboard with different layouts
  • The new mobile Mouse is available on mobile devices for better user experience when using desktops or Windows applications
  • Better support for Remote Desktop Service professional features like broker and server farms
  • More configuration options in exxWeb-it admin tool