September 2017


The first Remote Desktop hardware appliance.


August 2017


Next generation Remote Access as Virtual Machine for VMWare and HyperV


March 2017

pinRemote 4.0 (former exxWeb-it)

With groups, direct access and many other features.


September 2016
exxWeb-it 3.5

With Google Authenticator, RADIUS and Wake On LAN support..


June 2016
exxWeb-it 3.1 honored from experts!

The current version was awared with a quality seal of 5 stars:


March 2016
exxWeb-it 3.1

The optimized exxWeb-it package for perfect access to desktops and applications.


January 2016
exxWeb-it 3.0

The sophisticated new version is now available for perfect access to desktops and applications.


August 2015
exxWeb-it for Sharepoint

Online Office, Remote Desktop and Remote Apps for Sharepoint.


May 2015

Edit office documents in browser with Cloud Editor: Newsletter


November 2014
exxWeb-it Pro

The new version of exxWeb-it cooperates perfectly with Active Directory and supports 2-factor-authentication by email or text messages


October 2014
exxWeb-it 2.1

The new version of exxWeb-it includes the new exxWeb-it portal and the mobile Windows keyboard and the mobile mouse:


May 2014
exxWeb-it 2.0

Remote access to desktops and applications in browser.


January 2013

Brings desktop applications to the mobile world.


August 2012
Cloud Components Framework 1.5

The Cloud Components Framework supports now HTML5 and offers an Excel implementation.


May 2012
Cloud Components Framework

The Cloud Components Framework opens a new dimension in using complex software components.